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Give Her a Diamond Kiss
For Mother’s Day!

February 22, 2023

BijzShoux by GSyndicates


Welcome to GSyndicates™ esouH! A design esouH (/i.zu/) is a term coined by GS designer Shenica Renée Graham denoting an online fashion house primed for the digital age. It is a design house with the “e” first in residence. 

The GSyndicates™ esouH is a portfolio of original designs and a curated collection of private and white label brand collabs with common threads – a fashion syndicate since 2022.

Here it is family… You all know my fashion wishes and style dreams at GSyndicates™ #esouH. My first SHOE collection is launching with this:–1. The shoe is available for pre-sale NOW! After seven sales, production starts. Then, orders will ship on regular schedule. I need those first seven sales no later than March 22nd.

My first shoe brand is BijzShoux™. Most of you know my long time study of French language and my first ambition of being a language teacher.

A Bijou with a “j” is a jewel. My logo is a diamond. A Bizou with a “z” (or with an “s”) is a kiss. Adding the letter “x” to the end of either word, makes it formally plural. BijzShoux™ are kisses for your royal feet!

Thank you for your support to achieve the first SEVEN (7) sales ASAP! Some of you have committed to purchase already and I APPRECIATE YOU!!! The pre-sale requires the equivalent of SEVEN (7) PRE-PAID sales before the widow closes, in order to start production and advance to the next stage of marketing.

Let me share with you that the production house liked my design so well, I was awarded a FREE pair ON THE CONDITION of getting 6 more CONFIRMED SALES. 1 UP, six to go! Don’t miss this opportunity to get them first!

For anyone who purchases DURING the presale (ENDING in 28 days), I will include you in my BijzShoux Box program for members only! You will receive a FREE gift from me every month for the life of your membership! The BijzShoux box always has some of my favorite things, and something for your dreams!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8, 2022! If she wants haute fashion that walks like nothing else, give her fancy “feat” dreams a diamond kiss!

Why fancy “feat”? Because she has fashion wishes and style dreams. My shoes are for more than her blessed pieds (feet). A feat is an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.

When she owns a pair of BijzShoux, she will own a piece of history AND the business, something that could make her dreams come true!

I will give stock in this company, to every person who buys this shoe before the pre-sale window closes – the same to the last buyer on the last day, as to the first buyer – who has already paid.

If you need more time to purchase and you HELP get production started by sharing the excitement so the window does not close before SEVEN pre-paid orders are confirmed, I will give every you every benefit I give to the first seven pre-paid sale customers.

Family, this is a rising tide that can raise all ships. And this is just the beginning. The realization of a worthwhile dream will feed generations. A dream is a terrible thing to waste.

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I will have a conference call for my Leadership team going forward. Contact me for more information if you have not received an invitation and you would like to.

One for the Father, One for the Son, One for the Holy Spirit,

Here’s to your dreams.

Shenica Graham

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